Prostate cancer tended to be a disease that was feared by many men, as it used to be common to diagnose it at a very late stage. Now it is more commonly diagnosed early, and as such there are many new treatments available that offer far fewer side effects.

In some cases, prostate cancer can be left untreated under active surveillance, but in many cases it will require some form of intervention. The earlier prostate cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat.

Thanks to advances in modern technology, treatments such as focal therapy or robotic keyhole surgery are available to men, and will drastically reduce the chance of life altering side effects. The Prostate Experts are committed to diagnosing men early, so that they can offer the best options for treatment at a point when it can be done with the highest chance for the fewest side effects.

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Mark Laniado explains how prostate cancer can affect a mans life.

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