A. In order to get a full picture of your treatment options, we recommend you speak with a prostate health professional who has a complete overview of the latest technologies and techniques for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer. This may be your urologist, however for an objective and expert second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment options, you can talk to one of The Prostate Experts.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a significant event for all men, and impacts their personal and professional lives in multiple ways. The diagnosis will tell you the stage of your prostate cancer, and that will determine your treatment options.

Those who have built a support and knowledge base around their condition cope better than those without – and the good news is that this is accessible and attainable for men in the UK.

There is a broad provision of online and offline support to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer through national charities such as Prostate Cancer UK, MacMillan and local hospitals.

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