Cancer that has progressed beyond the prostate gland is referred to as advanced stage prostate cancer. As prostate cancer advances, it spreads into the seminal vesicles, which are just outside the prostate gland. From there, it can go into lymph glands within the pelvis and around the prostate, and further into the bones around the lower back.

When the cancer has spread beyond the prostate gland, treatment is based on managing progression, rather than curing the cancer. This will involve a combination of chemo, radiation and hormone therapies, and is usually undertaken under the advisement of an oncologist.

Given the relatively slow progression of prostate cancer, an early diagnosis will ensure that this stage is not reached by most men. This is why it is vital for men to receive a precision diagnosis in order to catch the cancer as early as possible and allow urologists to give men the best treatment options with the fewest side effects.

Mark Laniado talks about advanced stage prostate cancer.

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