Early stage prostate cancer describes cancerous cells that are contained within the prostate gland itself. About 50% of prostate cancers in the UK are found at this stage. Early stage prostate cancer is easily managed, often without treatment, and the five-year survival rate is almost 100%.

An MRI scan is essential to confirm that cancer has not spread outside of the gland. If the cancer is still confined within the prostate, a number of treatment options are available. These include active surveillance, which is recommended to men who have a form of cancer that grows very slowly, known as low risk cancer. This process involves regular checkups, and avoids the need for treatment.

While Active Surveillance is increasingly seen as an effective way to manage low risk prostate cancer, fast growing, high risk cancers will require treatment. There are a wide range of these, which The Prostate Experts can discuss with you.

Tim Dudderidge explains early stage prostate cancer.

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