When cancerous cells are still confined within the prostate gland, but are at a high risk of progressing within and beyond, treatment is required. About 34% of prostate cancers in the UK are found at this stage, known as locally advanced stage prostate cancer. The relative 5-year survival for this stage of cancer  is nearly 100% with the appropriate treatment.

There are a range of treatments for locally advanced prostate cancer. Your doctor will be balancing your quality of life with preserving your health when advising you on the appropriate treatment. Men with this stage of prostate cancer are often good candidates for focal therapy, which is a minimally invasive approach to treating prostate cancer by eradicating cancerous cells while preserving the gland. Studies have shown this to be a highly effective way of treating the cancer, while preserving sexual and urinary function.

In some cases at this stage, surgery is the best option. Surgical approaches have advanced in recent years to enhance precision and The Prostate Experts can advise you on these.

Raj Nigam discusses intermediate grade prostate cancer.

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