Prostate cancer is a cancer that affects only men. It’s the second commonest cause of death from cancer in men today. It occurs in the prostate gland, which is just below the bladder.

In general, it develops in men as they get older. It is much more common in men aged over 60 but is not unheard of in men aged between 50 and 60. For many men it has been viewed as something of a horror, but in recent times it has become much more treatable than before.

In general there are no symptoms for early stage prostate cancer, and usually it can only be detected by a PSA test. If there are symptoms due to prostate cancer, usually it is quite late in the disease.

It is vital that you book an appointment with your GP, or directly with The Prostate Experts, if you have any unusual urinary symptoms or are worried about the risk of prostate cancer.

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Raj Nigam explains what prostate cancer is.

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