A. Your urologist, GP, family and friends may be your first ports of call for advice and support. However, it is also important that you seek an expert second opinion from an independent prostate health professional. The Prostate Experts give you access to professional consultants who are here to advise you on the best course of action for your specific condition.

The vast majority of diagnosed prostate cancers are contained within the gland itself and are relatively slow moving. This allows you time and space to consult broadly before any major treatment decisions are taken. In order to get the best standard of care, you should seek an expert second opinion to understand what stage your prostate cancer is at, and the various options for treatment based on your diagnosis.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is a significant event for all men, and impacts their personal and professional lives in multiple ways. Those who have built a support and knowledge base around their condition cope better than those without – and the good news is that this is accessible and attainable for men in the UK.

There is a broad provision of online and offline support to men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer through national charities such as Prostate Cancer UK, MacMillan and local hospitals.

Most importantly, the Prostate Experts are here to give you independent, objective and expert advice on your treatment options. You can talk to The Prostate Experts about the next steps by clicking here.

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